500 Last Minute Study Tips- NCLEX

500 Last Minute Study Tips for the NCLEX is the app to have for last minute study or to supplement your existing study tools. Rather than being a comprehensive study app, our RN experts and educators used the exam guidelines and years of nursing experience to give you a high-yield, fast and powerful app to lead you to success on the NCLEX. 


The app was also reviewed by nurses who had recently taken the NCLEX and we heard things like:


"I wish I had this when I took the NCLEX!" -Alyson G., RN


Containing 10 core sections of the NCLEX and a BONUS section of scenario-based questions, the app provides a strategic, tested and fundamental knowledge base. The sections include:


Safe and Effective Care Environment

Management of Care

Safety and Infection Control

Health Promotion and Maintenance

Physiological Integrity

Basic Care and Comfort

Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies

Physiological Adaptation

Reduction of Risk Potential 

Psychosocial Integrity

**BONUS 50 Scenario-based questions


A Challenge Me option allows you test yourself across the topics in 10, 30 and 50 question increments. A "Mastered It" option allows you identify tips that you are confident on and removes them from the deck. All Mastered cards can be added back in via the settings page.