Customer Feedback

I downloaded [t]his app [EMT Review] back in October due to me failing the NREMT twice. I have been using this app since I downloaded it I must say I learned a lot from it. I took my NREMT for the 3rd time yesterday and passed. I want to thank you guys for creating this app. I’m currently in medic school now and I am going to download the paramedic version. I’m also going to spread the word about this app. It’s well worth the money.

– F. Bowers, Student
November 15th, 2012

I wanted to thank you for creating such a user friendly, helpful and educational app [EMT Review] for my IPhone. My EMT course instructors highly recommended this app to me so that I would be adequately prepared to take the state written exam. I also used this app a lot to help one of my colleagues prepare to take her written as well. It came in really handy so that I could pop quiz her during study group. I was very pleased from the the day I purchased it. I firmly believe that without the use of this app in conjunction with my textbook I would not have passed the state written test on the first try yesterday. Thank you once again and keep up the good work.

– MJ Hope, Student
November 14th, 2012

[Paramedic Review Plus] was very helpful from 2 perspectives. First the content. Everything was spot on and it was useful in providing starting points for review. Second was formatting. The questions in the test section that were formatted to the exam criteria made it much easier when it came time to take the test.

– Dan P., Paramedic Challenging NREMT
September 20, 2012

Thank you guys so much for this app [Paramedic Review Plus]! It was a great help. I learned some good things from this app. Today I took my NREMT Paramedic test and passed with only answering 86 questions. With the help of this and other study resources I passed. Love this app cause it is mobile, I took it everywhere my phone went! Thanks again!!!

– A. Cavazos , Paramedic/Firefighter
August 21, 2012

Limmer Creative really helped me study, I had use different programs before and I think Limmer is the best…

– Catarina, EMT Review Plus Customer
May, 2012

I just wanted to tell you I love your app [EMT Review Plus] and its great for keeping the knowledge upstairs!

– J. Roth , Customer
November, 2011

“I downloaded your new app last night and I just wanted to tell you that I find it very useful!! Keep up the great work and thanks for all that you do for this profession.” [Critical Care Paramedic Review]

– Mario, Medic
October, 2011

“This app is a must to have for anyone looking to improve their 12-Lead ECG interpretation skills and it will be the only 12-lead ECG app you will ever need to do so.”

– Dave, The Social Medic
September, 2011