Access all of your Limmer test prep programs from one app

You’ve been studying on your computer, and now you’re at the station waiting to go on a call. The Limmer Creative LC-Ready mobile app is the perfect way to study a few different topics during your down time. With a single tap on your mobile device, you can open the LC-Ready app and access all of your study apps. There’s no need to first go to the website from your mobile browser and log in to see your apps. Your progress and the topics you’ve mastered flow seamlessly between the LC-Ready mobile app and all of the other devices you use to study. Take a practice exam on your phone? You’ll see the results on your computer and vice versa. In addition to learning from the individual apps, many of the options accessible only from the LC-Ready app can give you the edge, whether you’re getting ready for the NREMT exam or your PALS recertification or just looking for ways to be a better EMT, AEMT, nurse or other health professional. Our Study Wall is one of those valuable options; with it, you can communicate and study with other students, post questions and answers or get a little competition going for best scores, most time studying, number of exams taken, etc. The “get-it-all-in-one-place” LC-Ready app improves your learning experience while giving you the high-quality content and direction you need to boost your clinical skills and knowledge. NOTE: This app is only available to users of Limmer Creative’s programs. Users of apps purchased on the iTunes store or through Google Play will continue to access their programs through those individual apps.

Highlights of LC-Ready

  • Access to all of the LC-Ready programs from one location
  • Our interactive Study Wall
  • A custom news feed from EMS1 targeted specifically to EMS students and practitioners, making it easy to keep up with the latest health news and trends