Why I am a Limmer-holic

We are proud to say that we have developed some pretty fanatical fans. These fans have either been helped themselves or believe that Limmer Creative products helped their students pass the NREMT exam.

Our fan base was upped a notch when we received an email with the subject line “Why I am a Limmer-holic” from Steven who used Limmer Creative’s EMT PASS™ app and easily passed the NREMT. This what he said:

PASSED!!!! I was stopped at question 68 (for some reason a lot of EMS folk think the number of questions is indicative of a higher percent… I don’t even want to try to outthink a CAT). I am starting my AEMT class in Feb. I even purchased the EMT Review program so I can continue to review the basics. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had 3 test preps and EMT PASS completely blew the other test prep’s out of the water!  I hope to continue this journey until l am a Paramedic. So I will send you updates!

But that was just the beginning.

Not wanting to wait for an AEMT or paramedic class, this satisfied Limmer Creative customer decide to take a PALS class. How would someone who just passed an EMT course jump in and pass PALS? With Limmer Creative apps of course.  After not doing well on the online pretest, he began studying with our PALS Review and ECG apps. Here is the result:

He passed! His feedback included this:

I only missed one question and my favorite part of the day was when the instructor said YOU DID BETTER THAN THE PEDIATRICIAN!!!!!

Motivation is a major part of Steven’s success. We remain proud that he considers our apps a major part of his passing score.

We’ll share one final term he used. We’re pretty sure it is a good thing

Status LIMMERepticus :

–an intense neurologic phenomenon which occurs when you study greater than five minutes!