Our Business

ownersWe are a publishing company formed out of a passion for creativity and learning. Our mission is to help students pass the test using high-quality, clinically accurate, educationally sound apps written by leading national educators.

In 2009, Founder Dan Limmer noticed there was a growing market for educational apps to help students prepare for the NREMT and their final exams.  While traditional books and websites work fine for studying, more and more students were carrying smartphones into the classroom and looking for ways to use their phones to study. The birth of EMT Review and Paramedic Review came soon after.

The apps were initially released on the iTunes store and then by demand on the Android Market (now Google Play). As of September 2014, we have over 20 test prep and review apps and 2 challenge apps for EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and the Allied Health fields!

Both students and instructors took to the apps quickly and began looking for ways to integrate them into their classroom experience.  Thus the apps were transformed to a web platform (LC-Ready.com) where instructors could view student study history and progress and students could connect with each other via study groups.

A large part of our success is based on strategically partnering with smart, talented EMS educators as well as important EMS companies.

  • Our ECG Challenge apps are products of 2 well known ECG experts and bloggers; Tom Bouthillet (EMS12lead.com and CodeStemi) and Dawn Altman (ECG Guru).
  • EMT PASS is a partnership with William E Brown, former NREMT Executive Director.
  • ECG Classroom is a product of international ECG expert Jason Winter of ECG & Cardiology Blog.
  • Our popular 101 Last Minute Study Tips apps are a product of our partnership with EMS1.com.

We believe in giving back to the community that has treated us so well over the years. As part of our giving back strategy, all the proceeds from our EMS History app are given to the National EMS Museum Foundation. In addition, we support various EMS conferences, organizations and charities each year.

We are a small, New England company that values the importance of education, quality and personal customer service. We ask you to join the 1000’s of satisfied customers who have passed the test using our convenient and affordable test prep and review apps. Don’t take a chance. Pass the test with Limmer Creative.