5 Days of EMS Week 2017

It is #EMSWeek2017. It is destined to be a hashtag-a-palooza by everyone on social media. Limmer Creative will join in the social media frenzy using the specific themed days from EMSstrong.org. It is our mission to help students prepare for their NREMT exams as well as give back to EMS. We celebrate EMS as a profession as well as those preparing to join the ranks.


Education is the starting point for the EMS provider and the foundation of any EMS system. More than bricks and mortar, more than red lights and diesel fuel, high quality education has the potential to set a course for the success or failure of an EMS call and an EMS system.

Because education has such a vital role in EMS-and as a major part of our mission—we are sharing some of Dan’s “10 Things” articles over 10 hours today. (And Dan LOVES to write articles with a number in the title…) We will also share some of the highlights of our educator webinar series as well as tips and resources for EMS students as they head to the NREMT exam.


Everyone seems to agree: the world is a bit crazier than it used to be. To keep EMS safe, we are sharing some of our archive of safety articles and videos. You can’t be EMSSTRONG unless you are safe first.

EMS for Children

We’ll take a mid-week break from education and safety to think about the kids for a bit. They aren’t a big percentage of our calls (and only 10-15% of the NREMT) but when questions about kids arise you must know what you are doing. We’ll share some of our content as well as peds content from some of our favorite sources.

Save a Life

Thom Dick used to call EMS providers “life-savers.” It was a kind term that was meant to help remind us of what we do. Sky rocketing survival rates from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest has certainly helped keep us squarely in that realm, yet we also realize there is a life-saving element of taking care of yourself and your colleagues. Thursday is dedicated to the life-safers saving all of the lives around us.

EMS Recognition Day

We’ll end on a positive note and recognize the difference we make in EMS. We’ll spread good cheer, send congratulations and celebrate success. There is a lot of good to go around and we believe this is a fitting conclusion to our EMS Week efforts.

We’d love for you to share our material and add thoughts of your own. Share your joys, successes and tips as well. We would love to hear from you.

Last but not least….

What good is celebrating EMS Week without sharing a discount?  Use discount code EMSSTRONG at LC-Ready.com or EMTReview.com for a 20% discount on all your orders through May 31. 2017.  Be sure to share the code with your favorite EMS student, colleagues and friends!